Hugh Furguson

Hugh Furguson

Social Secretary

My Name is Hugh Fergusson, I am currently studying Rural Land Management the RAU. I have been appointed as one the SU’s two social sec’s, alongside Paddy “Big Daddy” Watt.

I am one of the more gifted players in the RAU 2nd XV, and currently hold the unofficial record for most yards gained. My unorthodox moves and style of play have been noted by coaches and players alike. With one player, who has requested to remain anonymous, being quoted as saying “I’d have loved to play alongside him for the Barbarians, but unfortunately that opportunity never arrived. He has, without a doubt, the greatest body of work of any player in the Northern Hemisphere”.

My job as social sec is oversee the social calendar for the academic year. Paddy and I will strive to ensure that that there are always exciting events going on, and that it is an enjoyable year. From the Freshers, Christmas and May balls through to live music in the Tithe (student bar).

For any questions or suggestions feel free to get in touch. x

Hugh Furguson

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