Your Big Ideas


Big Ideas are created by students, for students. Any student can suggest what we should do as a Students’ Union to help improve the student experience and make student life here at Ciren better. From there, all students can have their say whether they like, or dislike the Big Ideas and then the Students’ Union meet with the University to discuss which ideas they should action.

Your idea could be big or small, practical or way out there - but the Students’ Union are keen to hear your views and inspire and engage students in the debate for change.

Areas you might like to consider are:

  • Student Activities – any ideas you’ve got about events or activities for students
  • Student Wellbeing – any ideas you’ve got to help students
  • Your Union – any ideas you’ve got about the Students’ Union
  • Your Studies – any ideas you’ve got to improve your studies
  • Cirencester – any ideas you’ve got to improve the University’s relationship with the town and local community
  • Equalities – any ideas you’ve got that hope to tackle equality
  • Halls or Housing – any ideas you’ve got to improve student digs
  • Other – any other ideas that don’t fit any other categories

No idea is a bad idea! If you’ve got an idea about improving any aspect of your time here at Cirencester, click the button below to get started!


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