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RAUSU are dedicated to ensuring your time at Cirencester is the amazing, life-changing experience it should be. We are led by a team of elected Student Officers and work solely for our student members, so you can guarantee that we are on your side!

We support students by representing your views and making sure the student voice is heard. We also offer opportunities for students to develop skills, receive valuable advice and support and take part in exciting events and sporting activities. Students also have numerous opportunities to volunteer in the local community and fundraise for charity.

Your SU 2018/19


 Nick Von Sydow (Chairman)

 Elena Scates (International Officer)

 Katie Beharrel (Secretary)

 Freddie Linsley (RAG Chair)


 Archie Boscowen (RAG Secretary)

 Hugh Furguson (Social Secretary)

 Paddy Watt (Social Secretary)

 Millie Maddox (Campaigns and Wellbeing Officer)

 Issie Green (Campaigns and Wellbeing Officer)

 Rufus Fawlkner Lee (Sports Officer)

 Nat Chiku (Post Graduate Officer) Chair)

Want to join the SU team next year?

There are nine positions up for grabs on the Students’ Union; three of which are Director roles with the remaining six as Officer positions. Director roles include Chair, Secretary and International Officer who are supported by two Social Secretaries, RAG Chair and Secretary, Sports Officer and a Campaigns and Wellbeing Officer.

The Postgraduate Officer position is a non-elected, voluntary role which is appointed once the new cohort of postgraduate students arrive on campus annually. Anyone interested in taking on this role should contact Sarah Tennant-Bell, RAUSU General Manager in the first instance by emailing

Elections 2018

The SU elections take place during the second semester. Letters of intent will need to be received by Friday 2 March and eligible candidates are invited to start their campaigns then. The election takes place Thursday 15 March and is one of the most fun weeks on campus.  Successful candidates would then ‘shadow’ the outgoing SU Officers until the end of the academic year and then take up their positions on the 1st August 2018.

For more about SU Elections click here.

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